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Our Values

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are Tucson Natives and Natural Creatives! 

Everything around us has been designed in some way and all design ultimately produces an emotion. We experience an emotional reaction to our environment moment-by-moment: a like or a dislike, elation, joy, sadness, frustration.

We 'feel' it. It's personal.

This is why I design!

I love to give people the opportunity to express and mainfest the emotions they desire to be surrounded by.

It is my goal to make stunning designs with in reach for everyone, regardless of budget or circumstance, we all deserve to live in harmony and balance. We all deserve to have a place we feel safe and relaxed. A place we can truly call home.

"A basic design is always functional but a great one will also say something."

- Tinker Hatfield, shoe designer, Nike.

Oil Painting

"God made everything based on his perfect design and, by the power of his own will, that design will be realized:

For You created all things, and they exist because You created what You pleased.

"- Rev. 4:11, NLT

Our Story

 Ever sense I was young, I've had the desire and ability to express creativity in various ways.

The good Lord had the wisdom to pair me up with a skilled and determined man!

In 2015 that man started up his own company and I was his steady support, helping to manage behind the scenes and design various projects he was working on. He encouraged me along the way to strengthen my design skills and muster up the courage I needed to blossom into the designer I am today.

We have been married for 16 years and have three amazing children. I am consistently fascinated by the beauty and challenges God places in our lives through friendship, family, adventure and of course, entrepreneurship. 


I now have the blessing of working along side my husband, Aaron Workman, who is the founder of Workman Company LLC, our local whole home remodeling business. We are contractors who are licensed, bonded and insured and work together to guarantee the designs we create are truly functional and attainable within your budget. We also work with reputable architects and material venders providing you with an all encompassing vision of what to expect when creating your dream space! 

Meet The Team


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