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Our Process


Meet with your designers to begin creating your perfect space.

You can expect to discuss a range of topics that will help us understand your vision and preferences for your home. It also helps to have an idea of a budget that you would like your design team to work with so they can price shop on your behalf to create your perfect look, no matter what season your money tree is in.

2.3D Renderings

  Rendering is our window to a virtual world of 3D. This helps us to discover what the vision could become and what we are capable of achieving in the space. Measurements and drawings will be generated to determine the appropriate plan for your space.

3.Conceptual Development

With your plan selected and the goals/budget in mind, we will begin creating a design concept. During concept development, we will take a variety of abstract ideas and turn those thoughts into a well-formed design using critical thinking skills, research, and analysis. All finishes and material selections are presented to you for approval.

4.Proposal & Estimate

We work 1:1 with our local contractors and subs to generate a more accurate estimate, outlining the scope of work and timeline of your project so that you can have a better idea of what to expect.


With your approval and deposit, the design is finalized and product is ordered. Specifications and detailed drawings are provided to the contractors and the project begins!

6.Project Management

Upon starting your project, you will have a project manager who will assist you throughout the remainder of your journey. As your dream becomes a reality, we will be available to help navigate and answer questions along the way.

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